Rocker Suspension

One of the most important parts of our rover is the incorporation of a rocker-link suspension.  This assembly connects the drive modules on each side to the rover chassis through a single bearing block.  This allows the drive modules to pivot to allow the rover to get over taller obstacles.  Additionally, the two rockers are connected with a linkage to provide a coordinated movement of the two suspension assemblies and the rover chassis.  This linkage creates a relative motion of the chassis that is half of the total suspension travel.  Thus, if the suspension rockers are at a 45 degree angle, the chassis would only be tilted at a 22.5 degree angle, which is very important for stable travel over uneven terrain.  The suspension rockers themselves are aluminum plates connected by standoffs.  This allows the wiring for the drive modules to travel down the center of the rockers.  The rockers pivot on a 3/4″ diameter 7068 aluminum shaft (95ksi tensile strength) running in a pair of preloaded tapered roller bearings.