Wheel Module

 The wheel is made from one sheet of 2024 aluminum, that is .074in thick. It is spun into the shape of the wheel that is 32 cm in diameter. This process results in a strong light weight wheel that is more cost effective that billet wheel methods while yielding similar results in terms of strength and weight. The redish-orange part is a polycarbonate-silicone debris shield. It adds some structure to the wheel but more importantly it keeps out sand and rocks that could otherwise get inside. This is especially important given that the rover turns using skid-steer, and is prone to digging into sand or gravel. Structurally bonded to the outside of the aluminum wheel is rubber nitrile tread, designed to improve traction on a number of different terrains. The output of the motor-gearbox assembly is directly connected to the wheel, and most of the motor-gearbox assembly is embedded inside the wheel. The motor is surrounded in an aluminum can to protect it from the elements, it also sticks out from the wheel allowing a place for it to connect to the rocker arm. This joint is connectorized with a water resistant connector so that wheel modules can easily be removed, serviced, or replaced.