Temperature tests with drive motor

As a means of reliability testing, we ran our drive motor at full speed while monitoring its temperature. In this test the motor was driven at 12,500rpm, equating to a rover ground speed of about 1.2 meters/second. We wanted to ensure that the motor, bearings, and seals, could operate continuously without fault, and handle the resulting temperatures. As you can see by the graph, the motor was run at full speed for a little over one hour (4000 seconds), before reaching its peak temperature of 180F. With the motor rated for 212F ambient, and 302F at the winding, 180F is well within our limits and shows that our motor module can handle continuous use. More testing is likely to come that will explore the effects of different ambient temperatures, varying loads on the motor, and varying duty cycles. In this test the ambient temperature was about 77F and is shown by the blue line. It was also done with zero load at 100% duty cycle.