Wiring the battery

Earlier in the project, we constructed a 22 volt, 35 amp-hour lithium ion battery using 96 18650 cells donated by Tesla Motors.  Now, we need to add the rest of the wiring which will allow us to use the battery in the rover.  The black wire harness on the left connects the six cells to the battery management system (BMS) for continuous voltage monitoring and active cell balancing.  Coming from the middle of the BMS are 8 temperature sensors, that are embedded in various places around the battery. This allows us to monitor the internal temperature of the battery cells and react to any signs of overheating.  The larger red and black wires visible on either side of the battery provide the main power and charge connections, while the pair of small wires on the right side supply the main contactor with voltage.  The large yellow and black module on the right side of the battery is our Gigavac GX-21 main contactor which is controlled by a main power switch on the back of the rover.